2 Misses;M4M Vivienne and Jalie Pika

I do not enjoy sewing fails.  Generally if I fail at a pattern I will rework it a few times to make sure – and generally I keep coming up with a fail each time! (Hello Jalie Eleonore’s)! 

Most of the time the reason for the fail is one of two things: a. that the pattern doesn’t work for my body shape, or b. the fabric is the wrong choice. 

Today I have 2 patterns here that I loved the look of; I was so excited to make them and then neither turned out well for my body shape. 

Made For Mermaids – Vivienne


My measurements at the time: 39 bust, 32 waist, 46 hip

Size Sewn: Bust- Indigo; Waist- Green; Hip- Yellow

Started sewing this in July and then banned it to “the pile” to be chopped up for something else or revisited at a later time.

I sewed up the top length.  I used double brushed poly because I love how soft it is and I though the drape would work well. 

I used fold over elastic in the waist area to hold the gather shape because regular elastic makes me itchy. 


I got it all sewn up except the arm and neck bands and hem; when I tried it on I didn’t like it at all. 

It makes me look pregnant and lays funny on the hips due to the gathers only being in the front and back, not on the side panels.

I feel like the waist part sits too low on me.  It needs to be higher like an empire to hit my natural waist.

Jalie Pika


My measurements at the time: 38 bust, 31.5 waist, 41 high hip.

Size Sewn: W at bust/waist to Z at hip


Started sewing it in June 14th, 2019 and probably not finishing it.

Alterations: I added 1/2” to the back hip tapering to 0” at the waist to accommodate for my larger rear. I did not add a hem band, wanting to keep it loose and flowing by the hips.


On step 18-19 the elastic is NOT long enough to stitch and not stretch. it was like 3.5 inches short.

Fabric: The inner bra I used gray cotton lycra; the outer I used a turquoise triblend jersey that I purchased in May 2017 from knitpop for $5/yard.  It is super soft.


I like the fabric and like the look of the top – on others.  I tried it on and I felt so frumpy and larger due to no waist definition.  I really wanted this to work – you guys know I love my Jalie patterns!

I don’t think either of these are bad patterns.  I just feel like they work for someone of a different shape than me.  A pear shape needs that waist definition. 


  1. It may just be where you wear it, as a top you wear out and about on the weekend or to go to the grocery store, it probably needs more waist definition. The Jalie top looks like it would be perfect for the gym.


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