Mens Boxers – Jalie, Suat, M4m

I’ve made Mr. Sunny boxers over the last few years.  I used to use Stitch Upon a Time’s Boxerwear pattern in the beginning, but ever since Jalie came out with the Gerald pattern; he likes those better.  I also recently tried the M4M pattern.

So here is a roundup of the pairs I haven’t yet blogged.  I’ll start most recent and work backwards.

M4M – Gables (fail)

Size: straight XL

Options/Alterations:  Fabric enclosed elastic waist; long length


Sewn: June 14, 2019

Fabric: heathered blue athletic knit that I think I got in a Zenith and Quasar mystery box.  1/2 yard. Soft Gray fold over elastic from SewSassy website. (best FOE I’ve found).

Instructions: The instructions are fine.  No issues.  The pattern pieces have an issue.  For some reason the top of the fly is 1/2” too short.  It doesn’t match up when putting together. 


Also, I use 1.5” sport elastic because it’s softer so I need to add 1/2” more in height to the waistband for a full casing.  I found the waistband piece was too short for that; however it did end up catching my elastic nicely in the seam when serging so no shifting or rollover.

Verdict:  WAYYYYY to tight. Comically tight.  I laughed, hard.  These were not a favorite and he couldn’t even wear them past the initial fit test.

Jalie – Gerald 3885 (winner)

Size: CC


Options/Alterations: the dark gray pair I did the “saxx hack” although I put it in wrong, he still wears them.  I should have put the side flaps on top of the topmost flap there, not under them.

To make the flaps I just took the fly piece and traced off about 1.5” wide starting at the side; cut two pieces and used FOE to go down the nonseam side.

The space dyed blue with red stitching are the longer length whereas the gray are the shorter length.

Mr. Sunny likes the longer length in the winter because they don’t ride up but in the summer the longer length shows under his shorts sometimes so he prefers the shorter length for summer.


Sewn: gray on Feb 14, 2019 and blue on June 8th, 2018

Fabric: Dark gray athletic brushed knit with Black Fold over elastic.  I got this fabric in a mystery box from Zenith & Quasar

The blue pair is Navy space dye poly spandex performance tech knit fabric from stylish fabric, purchased in July 2017.  The fabric is soft, slippery and has a cooling feeling. $7.20/yard, used 1/2ish yard.


Instructions: Fantastic. No issues.

Verdict: he loves these.  Really loves the fit.  Says they are almost perfect; he just would like them an inch higher in the back rise.

Stitch Upon A Time – Boxerwear (great pattern)

Size: XL

Options/Alterations: Low rise in front, normal rise in back.


Sewn: gray with teal mushroom on July, 7th 2017; red and black horde on June 13, 2017

Fabric: all cotton lycra most likely purchased from purpleseamstress.  I added the 1up and mushroom with my embroidery machine. I added the Lok’tar Ogar and Horde symbol with heat transfer vinyl.

For obvious reasons the embroidery holds up much better, where the vinyl starts to peel off after about 100 washes.

The vinyl feels much better on the skin though because the embroidery stitching is a bit scratchy.  I put Sulky soft & sheer behind the mushroom to combat the scratchy feeling.


Instructions: Instructions are great, straightforward and no issues. I like that the options are given for no seaming to be on the sides of the fly.

Verdict: He likes these quite a bit.  I’ve also made these before for him (aug 2015 black and blue, and Apr 2016 Ewoks).  It’s a great pattern and I would use it again. 

I’ve found that the cotton lycra doesn’t withstand wash and wear as much as the athletic knits above.  These two pair have already had to be tossed due to holes where the athletic knit ones look new still. 

However, the cotton lycra ones are definitely softer to wear.

Thanks for reading!



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